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Welcome to the Global Immigration and Travels

Our goal is to provide you with affordable, professional, competent and experienced services which will help you to accomplish the objective of securing either a work permit or another category non- immigrant visa to the country of your choice. Our objective would be to review, prepare and submit the required visa petitions within a reasonable time for further processing and for successful adjudication of the case.

Prospective applicants have many different reasons of pursuing their intended goals when they begin planning either a study abroad for advanced studies or a permanent migration to a country of their choice. Despite constant changes to the immigration laws, specifically the USA, Canada, the United Kingdom or Australia, each of the respective country continues to attract people of different ethnic groups and cultures who are seeking to fulfill their dreams. It is a given fact that most new immigrants who secure their permanent migration through a specific program or through a study route contribute to the mainstream society in similar way as the settled citizens.

It is easy to plan a permanent migration, a short visit on a visitor visa or advanced studies at either a College or a University. The implementation of the intended goal requires collection of all biographic information and preparation of additional supporting documents to submit a strong application to the respective Consulate for further processing. It is with the diligence and hard work that our office submits the application within the required time.

Securing a student visa and progressing towards permanent immigration based on graduation, or securing a permanent immigration based on either a family-based classification or points-based system can be a complicated process that is enforced according to the immigration laws of the respective country. Our goal is to provide people with experienced, professional, and competent service that will help them to accomplish their goal of either being issued a visitor visa, a study permit, a student visa, or a work permit for the chosen country.

You may be pursuing further studies and need assistance with securing an F-1 visa to the United States or a Study Permit to Canada. You may be discussing a marriage proposal and want information on how to secure the spouse visa or a Fiance visa for United States, an indefinite leave to remain for the United Kingdom, a visitor visa for Ireland, a five-year long term visa for Denmark, or a work permit for New Zealand. Whatever concerns or issues you may have, Professional Immigration and Legal Services will provide you with the current updated information and will assist you throughout this entire tedious and complex process for a successful outcome.

Our goal is to truthfully and honestly provide all the necessary tools for the prospective applicant/client to make their decision with all the options provided to them. We will provide the best customer service possible that would be courteous, friendly and with a goal to complete the given task within a reasonable time and keeping the entire charges as affordable as possible.

Nothing gives us more satisfaction then to hear from our clients that they have been granted the visas they desired. We take personal pride when the cases filed by our office are approved and the client have arrived at the intended destination to either commence a fulltime job or to commence their academic years at a 4 Year college or the University.